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Threat Monitoring, Alerting, and Isolation of Threats for the Ultimate In Network Protection

Security Operations Center as-a-service

Our Security Operations Center as-a-service provides proactive threat detection and remediation that acts on real-time security event data and insights. Security experts actively monitor your environment for emergent threats, providing full coverage for endpoints, networks and cloud assets.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Our SOC service features advanced SIEM capabilities to harness security information across a wide range of data collection points, including servers, network devices, security appliances, access logs, applications and dark web monitoring. 

Cutting-edge Protection for an Affordable Monthly Fee

Our SOC services is designed to make enterprise-grade threat detection and response attainable to small-to-medium sized enterprises. Customizable subscriptions enable you to tailor the service to your budget and requirements, providing 24/7 security monitoring and protection on a cost-effective basis.

Oversight by Ethical Hackers for Added Peace of Mind

We’re one of the few SOC-as-a-service providers to offer a managed SOC service that is overseen by certified Penetration Testers for the maximum in Protection and Peace of Mind for our clients. We also offer a one-year data retention policy as standard, further supporting our clients to implement data security and compliance best practices.

Managed SOC & SIEM from CP Cyber Security

Dynamic Threat Protection that Covers Your Entire Digital Landscape

Elevate Your Security Posture with Next-level Threat Protection

Our Managed Cybersecurity Provides Peerless Protection. Managed SOC Takes it One Step Further

Combining Technology with Human Ingenuity

Our SOC services combines AI-powered SIEM with the experience and insights of highly trained human analysts. Leveraging decades of real-world cybersecurity experience our analysts are often able to spot threats and trends that the algorithms miss.

By combining cutting-egde technical solutions with critical human ingenuity, we're able to offer a service of unparalled scope and efficacy.

Continuous scanning allows us to determine whether your account credentials have been exposed to the internet's seedy underworld.

Positive identification, while unfortunate, allows you to take action to secure afflicted accounts, such as reseting passwords or introducing passwordless authentication protocols to systems or applications.

We can monitor for and investigate user behaviours that could indicate the presence of an insider threat. Such behaviour might include frequently sending emails to non-business accounts, out-of-hours login activity or a suspicious pattern of failed login attempts. We can monitor and review activity log data on your behalf, and escalate to you if an imminent threat is detected.

By combining managed SOC with our Managed Cybersecurity Services, our team can make the changes you need to remain secure, with the benefit of real-world security event data.

If threat suspicious web traffic is detected, we can make the necessary firewall rule changes to prohibit access to untrusted websites. If darkweb credential exposure is a recurring issue, we can explore options for passwordless authentication. Armed with the relevant insights, we can affect meaningful security posture improvements across your digital estate.

Security Information and Event Management

Data Gathering and Intelligent Analysis that Works 24/7 to Protect Your Digital Assets

Endpoint Monitoring

We monitor for suspicious activity and exploitable threat pathways across your endpoint devices. From files and log data, to suspicious script use, anomalous remote access behaviours and hacker utilities, we're able to spot discreet correlations across segregated data sources to root out developing threats.

Wireless Penetration Testing & Endpoint Monitoring
network monitoring - server rack

Network Monitoring

We can discover network metrics and configuration data to identify dubious patterns and behaviours across your network. From firewall configurations and log data, to information from pre-existing IDS solutions and outbound TCP/UDP connections, we'll leave no stone unturned to identify network security risks.

Cloud Monitoring

The cloud is slowly but steadily becoming the default choice for SME IT deployments. Our cloud monitoring focuses on the attack vectors hackers most commonly exploit to infiltrate cloud accounts. We monitor for abnormal logins, suspicious mail forwarding and the characteristics of business email compromise and similar email-based attack methods.

Cloud Monitoring Servers
Streamline Security and Compliance

Streamline Security and Compliance

Our SOC service creates an auditable data trail, allowing your to seamlessly demonstrate compliance with time-stamped records of security event and response activity. Our security analyst perform the record-keeping on your behalf, leaving you free to focus on running your business and serving your customers.

Secure Your Digital Premises With CP Cyber

Book a meeting with our expert team to get actionable insights on the cyber security posture of your business and find out more about how SOC can help your business.