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Breach Recovery

Get back on track fast, with Breach Recovery from CP Cyber Security

Post-incident Assistance that Supports Business Continuity

Following a security breach, you need fast-acting support and recovery to minimizes losses and prevent further harm. Our specialist data recovery and breach response team can be at your Denver premises in as little as one hour, to begin a rapid and forensic restoration process that prioritizes business continuity and risk mitigation.

We're Time-Tested Breach Recovery Experts

We’re seasoned cybersecurity professionals, with a track record in providing rapid, meticulous post-breach recovery that is second to none. Our team will help you understand the events that lead up to the breach, so that enhanced security measures and controls can be introduced to guard your business against future attacks.

Ongoing Support that Inspires Confidence

Security incidents can be unnerving, and can leave you lacking confidence in the potency and integrity of your cybersecurity infrastructure. CP Cyber can stay with you for the long-haul, to monitor, secure and protect your data and IT systems. 

Methodical Recovery that Preserves Vital Evidence

In the event that you’re required to undertake a post-breach investigation, our team will carefully and systematically gather the evidence needed for future analysis. Chain of Custody and other best practices are maintained during evidence collection to ensure accountability and safeguard information integrity.

Rapid post-breach recovery delivered with high-level technical proficiency

Restore, Recover, and Reinstate the Systems Your Organization Relies On

Safeguard Revenue Streams, Mitigate Damage, Restore Trust

The Benefits of Breach Recovery with CP Cyber

Minimize Downtime

Quickly restore access to the systems and resources your team need to work effectively and productively.

Our recovery specialists are conscious of the commercial and operational impacts security incidents can have. They'll work tirelessly to ensure your critical systems are fully restored, and they won't leave till the job's done.

Without robust threat containment measures, bad actors can escalate security events, resulting in damage and compromise that cascades into previously unaffected systems and networks.

Our breach recovery team works to contain and neutralize live threats, limiting the possibility of further loss and damage.

Rapid post-incident recovery demonstrates a diligent, proactive approach to security to customers, partners and stakeholders.

Threat containment, swift recovery and minimal downtime will ensure trust in your business is maintained throughout and after the incident.

Swift incident recovery can help to mitigate the financial costs that security incidents can entail, such as revenue damage, regulator-imposed fines and legal costs.

Our commercially-astute team are forever mindful of the cost implications of a security breach, and as such, strive to limit financial losses wherever feasible.

Swift, Methodical Security Incident Recovery

The Four Stages of Incident Recovery - What to Expect

Make the Call

As soon as you reach out to us, you become our top priority. Several of our team are designated breach response specialists, they'll be re-tasked and immediately assigned your case. If you're based in the Denver Metro area, our team could be at your door in as little as an hour, ready to liaise with your internal IT team as necessary to ensure a rapid resolution.

Make the Call Breach Recovery
A Quick Discovery Session Breach Recovery

A Quick Discovery Session

We'll collaborate with your staff and IT personnel to gain an understanding of the situation and determine what your recovery needs and priorities are. Our team can operate in a supporting capacity to your internal IT team, or fully lead and orchestrate the process from beginning to end. Once we have the information we need, we can begin the low-impact recovery process, ensuring minimal disruption and interraction so that you're free to steady the ship, and maintain operational continuity as far as possible.

Evidence Collection

As the recovery process gets underway, we'll document security event information and recovery activities at every stage, to ensure you have an auditable paper trail for compliance purposes.

Chain of custody is maintained throughout the collection process, and we can make the information gathered available to you via an external hard drive or our secure cloud storage service.

Evidence Collection Breach Recovery
Signing documents Compliance and Frameworks

Security Maturation Recommendations

While no IT system can be completely invulnerable to security breaches, a disruptive breach indicates the presence of deficiencies in security architecture and practices. At the conclusion of the recovery process, we'll provide a comprehensive list of recommendations for maturing your security posture and reducing the chance of future attacks.

Need Rapid Assistance With A Breach Or Your Cyber Security Posture?

Contact us today, we'll act quickly to assist your business to get back up and running, secure its data, and shore up your cyber security posture.