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Our Happy Clients

Our Customer Reviews Speak For Themselves

Our mission is to deliver expert Penetration Testing, 24×7 Security Operation Services (SOC) and cybersecurity consulting services,  in a manner which goes beyond our customers’ security requirements AND industry standards — with the conviction that “CP Cyber is friendly and easy to work with.”

CP Cyber - The team

"The team at CP Cyber provided us with a right-sized yet thorough Cyber Security Audit. They were professional, courteous and flexible and took the time to explain issues in layman's terms. They are delightful and true pros in their field. I would recommend them to everyone. They did a great job for us."


"I fell victim to a somewhat sophisticated cyberattack and called CP Cyber for help. I'm very glad I did, because within one business day they had made an initial assessment of the situation, picked up my computer for detailed analysis at their office, identified and neutralized the threat, and returned the computer to me, completely cured, for a reasonable price. I was very impressed with the service I received from CP Cyber -- these folks are real pros!"

Daniel Kagan

"We were in a dire situation when our IT system administrator left with short notice. Thankfully, CP Cyber devoted immediately the resources that we needed to get us through the crisis. Of course, Murphy's Law struck and we encountered a wide range of additional significant IT issues. We were amazed at the depth and breadth of CP Cyber's expertise and experience and their ability resolve the issues in an extremely timely basis. All the while they were the epitome of professionalism."

Barry Levine

"Our company has been working with CP Cyber for several months to get our cybersecurity up to par with what the cyber insurance company expects from us."

Josephine Gyadey

"Cornerstone to the rescue! They stepped in and really helped us get through a difficult situation. The people we’ve worked with at Cornerstone have been thorough, knowledgeable, resourceful and seem to possess unlimited expertise. They have been beyond professional at all times."

Kerry Hill

"We've been working with CP Cyber for the past year and we've been exceptionally impressed with their service and speed. If you're in the market for network/system security, this is your team."

Reid Hansen

A Closer Look Into Some Of Our Happy Clients!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true you have clients all over the country?

Yes, we are based in Denver, but we have clients all over the country that we protect and provide cybersecurity services.

While we are available to help after a breach or attack, we can also assess the current IT environment and make security recommendations to address critical risks to your business. These recommendations will keep your business from being vulnerable to attacks before they happen.

Based on our experience, the downtime that the business is subjected to after an attack, makes the overall cost of reacting to an attack 10 times more expensive than it would have cost to prevent it.

We understand that we aren’t the only Cybersecurity company in Denver, but when you are shopping around, please ask the competition what their testing procedures include. They should be a mix of automated scanning of vulnerabilities and manual testing using exploits to confirm the findings. You don’t want someone that will point a scanning at your publicly facing systems and uses the results directly from this tool to give you a report. We can do better than that.

Additionally, after describing your companies systems and IT environment, ask them what what attack vectors they would be using during their fieldwork. These should the applications specific to your company. You do not want a company that performs the same attacks on each of their clients regardless of whether they have Office365 with application development hosted in Azure or large traditional on-site domain-based active directory.

CP Cyber provides all the services, customer care, and attention for protecting our clients and letting them focus on business.

We can assess the security of the remote work solutions you may or may not have in place. We can make recommendations of cheap but effective security solutions that will greatly increase the security for your employees and the data on their laptops. We can also take a look at the configuration of the solution being used for online meetings to make sure they are secure, we have expertise with Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, WebEx, and Hangouts.