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White-label Managed Cybersecurity for MSPs.

Accessible enterprise-class cybersecurity services that are flexible, affordable and scalable, tailored exclusively for Managed Service Providers.

5-stars review

“CP Cyber by far the best cybersecurity we have worked with. Their expertise, professionalism and experience put them far above many other security vendors.”
– Jason Canon

Is This You?

I need to access simple, trusted, affordable, and flexible Cybersecurity solutions for my MSP customer base.

Single-Person MSP?

I’m growing my MSP and do a lot of the technical work. I’m looking to free up more time while expanding my business and client services, but I am not a cybersecurity expert, nor do I have the time to specialize or budget to make a big investment in cyber.

Owner of an MSP?

I own an MSP and have a small team of techs, but lack the time & resource to specialize in cybersecurity among my staff. I need to be able to provide a comprehensive cybersecurity service, which is affordable to my clients and flexible for my business.

A growing MSP?

Would you like the option to scale more comprehensive and fully managed cybersecurity offerings with your MSP without the constraints of outsourcing to one of the huge vendors.

Unsure how to position Cybersecurity with your clients?

It’s not uncommon for MSPs to have yet to figure out their cyber stack or where to go in terms of the proposition & price point.

Why CP Cyber - the MSSP for MSPs?

Expert, Tailored, Accessible & Flexible Cybersecurity for your MSP's Customers

Offering everything that you need to provide a comprehensive and easy to manage cybersecurity service to your clients, our white label managed cybersecurity service makes it easy for your MSP to deploy enterprise-grade protection, which is scalable to your demands and affordable for your clients.

From a 24/7/365 SOC and SIEM to IT policy templates, penetration testing and risk assessments, our white label managed cybersecurity service simplifies vulnerability management, ensuring the security of your clients while helping your MSP to thrive and achieve more, using less.

Happy Clients

Securing businesses and organizations since 2017

The Precise Cybersecurity Services Your MSP Needs

Tailored Cybersecurity Plans for Your MSP & Clients

There is a lot of Cybersecurity Products and Services being sold into the MSP community right now. It’s hard to know what to understand and where to turn, let alone how to form a stack and position it with customers in a way that they will value and decide to purchase.

At CP Cyber, we collectively have decades of experience in tailoring accessible Cybersecurity services for businesses; and with our intimate knowledge of the MSP industry, we have combined that experience to tailor an offering that is precisely what your MSP needs – and nothing more!

From initial assessments, scans and penetration testing – to fully managed SOC and vCISO consultancy-led services, CP Cyber has your MSP’s back.

1. Security Scans, Assessments & Pen Testing

Start by assessing the requirements of the individual client's business, the scope of their current security and data protection controls & defenses in place.

CP Cyber provides project-based assessment and Penetration Testing services to help your MSP risk assess, guide and advise customers on the most secure way to move forward.

We know what works. For the benefit of your MSP and your customers, we simplify and shorten the timeline of 'getting secure' by offering the best-in-class suite of Cybersecurity platforms from endpoint, email and server protection, to threat detection & hunting.

For your MSP customers that truly value the continuity of their business and demand not only swift reaction & resolution, but comprehensive threat remediation, a SOC is a no brainer requirement in today's cyber landscape.

Unlike the large vendor providers, CP Cyber's SOC service is offered to MSPs in a scalable and flexible way to deploy across your client base as you need.

Offering your MSP the ability to "punch above your weight" by offering enterprise-level consultancy - backed by our expertise working in some of the country's most secure network environments - CP Cyber provides MSPs with template best practices, policies and a wrap-around vCISO consulting service that can be offered to your customers as a white label.

Grow your business and protect your clients

Secure Your Clients and Grow your MSP

Offer and sell more

Expand your cybersecurity offering and resourcing for businesses at below-vendor pricing. Offer clients the comprehensive protection that they need against today's spectrum of cyber threats, ensuring that the expertise and tools that they need are always in place.

Make the Call - Breach Recovery
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Access to Experts

Access a 24/7/365 SOC team, offering multiple layers of protection for your clients' IT environment that spans all times, including holiday periods when cyber attacks are the most likely to happen.

Grow Your Business

Free up time and resources to focus more on your clients and growing your business; simplify and scale your cybersecurity offering to offer more to your customers, using less.

AI-Powered Protection CP Cybersecurity

Start Maturing Your Customers Cyber Posture Today

Discover How Your MSP Can Benefit from a Partnership with CP Cyber - the MSP's, MSSP

Get started on your MSP Cybersecurity journey with our two options…

  1. Claim access to our proven MSP CyberSafeScan tool to start analyzing your clients

  2. Learn more by scheduling a call with one of our MSSP Cyber Specialists.