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Vulnerability Assessments

The Vital Starting Point for a Cohesive Cybersecurity Strategy

Evaluate Your Current Security Posture

A vulnerability assessment shines a light on hidden vulnerabilities and insecure configurations that aren’t perceivable to casual observers. Get the detailed insights you need to mature your security posture and address glaring vulnerabilities in your devices, applications and network components.

Low Impact Investment in Your Future Security Posture

Our vulnerability assessment process is designed to have a negligible impact on network performance, leaving you free to focus on running your business while we investigate vulnerabilities in your environment.

Comprehensive, Tailored Scanning that Covers All Bases

Our end-to-end assessment process conforms to the unique layout and intricacies of your environment, leveraging multiple assessment tools that work together to paint a detailed picture of network resilience. Additionally, we can utilize our own, internally-developed solutions to assess a number of systems, including Oracle Databases, SQL Server Databases and Windows Active Directory.

Detail-rich, Accurate Reports

Once we have scanned your environment, our team scrutinize the findings, performing secondary analysis to eradicate false positives and verify the viability of attack vectors.  This extra work confirms the validity of scanning results and maximizes the value of the final report.

Discover Where Your Network is open to Attack

Identify Weaknesses and Misconfigurations Across Your Digital Environment

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Benefits of Vulnerability Assessments

Prioritize Risks

Vulnerability assessments allow you to prioritize security deficiencies for action, by grading vulnerabilities according to risk level and likely impact. Focus resources on the areas of greatest concern and deploy security resources to maximum effect.

A risk-commensurate approach to cybersecurity is a recurring theme across many data protection regulations and standards.

By conducting periodic vulnerability assessments, you demonstrate your organization's commitment to security risk awareness and proactivity.

Security breaches can carry crippling financial costs, arising from non-compliance penalties, legal action, revenue loss and direct factors such as ransomware payouts.

Vulnerability assessments allow you to manage security risks effectively and reduce your chances of suffering a costly security incident.

A single vulnerability assessment provides a point-in-time snapshot of network threat exposure.

Performed on a periodic basis, these valuable exercises allow you to track security progress, monitor patch management efficacy and observe the trajectory of your cyber threat mitigation efforts.

Identify Risks, Vulnerabilities and Opportunities Across Your IT Infrastructure

Systematic Vulnerability Assessments Performed with Painstaking Attention to Detail

Step 1 - Define The Scope of the Assessment

Before the assessment process begins, we'll work with you to identify the systems and infrastructures that constitute your IT environment. Our assessment process aims to be as comprehensive as possible, so we'll endeavour to include as many systems within the scope of the project as is practicable. Our skilled engineers use cross-platform scanning tools compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux Operating Systems, among others. Large IP subnets and segmented networks can also be included within the scope of the assessment.

Define The Scope of the Assessment Vulnerability Assessment
Step 2 Perform Vulnerability Scanning Vulnerability assessment

Step 2 - Perform Vulnerability Scanning

Once the scope of the assessment has been defined, we begin to deploy a range of vulnerability scanning tools which we tailor to the unique characteristics of your environment. These include internally-developed tools designed to assess vulnerabilities in Oracle Databases, SQL Server Databases, AS400, Windows Active Directory, Linux operating systems and UNIX operating systems. Tools designed to assess firewalls such as Checkpoint, Palo Alto, Juniper Networks, Fortinet and Cisco.

Step 3 - Conduct Further Analysis

Our team doesn't take the results of vulnerability scans at face value. Instead we perform incisive secondary analysis that helps determine the veracity of scan findings with a view to reducing false positives. This additional phase makes for a more accurate and valuable final report.

Compliance Signing papers
Final Report Published Vulnerability Assessment

Step 4 - Final Report Published

Once the assessment process is complete, we compile findings into a final report that risk-grades vulnerabilities and offers actionable insights that you can use to take action to manage risks. Our team will translate obscure findings into meaningful insights that you can exploit to reinforce your security posture and drive positive changes across your environment.

Looking to Upgrade Your Security Posture?

Our security solutions, services and strategic guidance are designed to help organizations scale new heights of Cybersecurity excellence.