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Penetration Testing

The Ultimate Network Defense Test

What is a Penetration Test?

A penetration test is a cybersecurity assessment process that evaluates a computer system, network, or IT infrastructure’s security by simulating a persistent hacking attempt. The aim of a penetration test is to identify weaknesses, vulnerabilities or entry points a hacker could use to force entry to a digital system.

What Differentiates a Penetration Test from a Vulnerability Scan?

A vulnerability scan’s purpose is to determine whether known vulnerabilities are present in a system or network. A penetration test on the other hand is a dynamic process whereby a cybersecurity professional uses ingenuity and experience to simulate a forced entry into a digital system. 

Does Penetration Testing Only Evaluate Technical Security Controls?

No, penetration testing can also expose flaws and weaknesses in policy and procedural security measures. Privileged access management practices, Secure password policies and data classification and handling policies are just a few of the many organisational security controls that come under close scrutiny during penetration tests.

What Security Weaknesses Do Penetration Tests Seek to Detect?

The goal of a penetration test is to provide a comprehensive assessment of a system or network’s overall security posture. A penetration test could highlight software and operating system vulnerabilities, network vulnerabilities and much more.

Assess Your Security Posture From a new Perspective

Discover How Your Security Defenses Would Cope Against a Determined Hacker

Expose Security Shortcomings and take Informed Action

The Benefits of Penetration Testing

View Your Security Posture from a Fresh Perspective

Penetration tests are carried out by "ethical hackers," who will expend every effort to force entry into your digital environment, simulating the tactics used by real hostile threat actors.

This affords a unique perspective on your cybersecurity posture, and tests the robustness of security infrastructure without subjecting your environment to real-world security risks.

Penetration tests take a "whole system" approach to evaluating cybersecurity.

This provides a breadth and depth of assessment that no other test exercise can match, assessing technical, procedural and policy-based security controls concurrently.

At the end of the penetration test process, you'll be presented with a report detailing the test's outcomes in full, as well as a list of actionable recommendations to seal up the vulnerabilities found.

This report will grade vulnerabilities according to threat urgency and the scale of impact that would result from a successful exploit. This will allow you to prioritize areas for immediate action and allocate resources effeciently.

Penetration testing provides your organization with a valuable opportunity to test its security incident response plan.

Test your ability to detect, frustrate, mitigate and neutralize live threats, under simulated conditions that present no risk to network integrity.

Assess Every Corner of Your Digital Environment

Our Penetration Testing Services

We believe strongly that you should get what you pay for. We pride ourselves in providing well experienced personnel on each engagement. The normal penetration firm uses a highly leveraged model, where clients pay for educating the team through on-the job-training. Not us, CP Cyber typically staffs each engagement with 70% of the team being highly experienced (10-20yrs of penetration testing experience). Our diverse team consists of US Armed Forces veterans, former NSA and FBI personnel, IT auditors for the Big 4, and Federal Government contractors. The leadership team alone has over 45 years of combined experience in penetration testing, IT controls, and information security assessments.

Network Penetration Testing

Our engineers assume the role of ethical hackers to probe for weaknesses and test the resilience of your networks. Firewall effectiveness, misconfigurations in ports and services, network device weaknesses and remote access security are just some of the elements that fall within the scope of our extensive network penetration tests.

Network Penetration Testing CP Cyber
Web Application Penetration Testing

Web Application Penetration Testing

Our penetration testing company performs security testing on your applications to see if unauthorized users are able to modify data, disclose information or steal logged-in user sessions.

Wireless Penetration Testing

Wireless networks are often a security blindspot that present easy routes of entry for determined hackers. We'll check wireless encryption protocols, assess authentication mechanisms, examine signal coverage for exploit potential, inspect access control measures and more, in order to thoroughly evaluate your Wireless network security posture.

Wireless Penetration Testing & Endpoint Monitoring
Social Engineering Penetration Testing

Social Engineering Penetration Testing

Human error plays a contributory role in the majority of security incidents. We test the cybersecurity awareness of your employees with unannounced test exercises that replicate the coercive and manipulative methods deployed by phishing scammers. We'll assess how readily employees divulge sensitive, compromising information like account passwords and network access credentials.

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