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Cybersecurity Management and Consultancy Services that Deliver Measurable Results

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“CP Cyber by far the best cybersecurity we have worked with. Their expertise, professionalism and experience put them far above many other security vendors.”
– Jason Canon

Impeding Growth

Neglecting diligent IT network management can lead to the accumulation of bugs and misconfigurations, resulting in performance issues and workflow disruptions. Adopting a vigilant and proactive cybersecurity approach can mitigate these challenges, fostering an environment more conducive to the growth of your business.

Getting Hacked

A proactive, risk-based approach to cybersecurity is a key stipulation of many data protection regulations and frameworks. Without a coherent compliance strategy, your business could fall short of requirements.

Need to Safeguard Your Reputation?

Today’s customers are conscious of the value of their data, and acknowledge the growing cyber threat. Cybersecurity diligence is the key to maintaining trust and preserving your business’s reputation.

Business Continuity

Cybersecurity has broad implications for business continuity and disaster recovery, and by extension, your obligation to maintain data availability and protect against the rising threat of ransomware attacks. Maintain compliance, safeguard operational integrity, and secure vital revenue streams with a robust plan that helps you recover from any cyber setback, including potential ransomware incidents.

The Leading Managed Cybersecurity Provider for Denver and Colorado.

Protection for Businesses Serious About Security

Unmatched Cybersecurity Expertise For Denver Businesses

Commercially Aware Security Solutions Tailored to Your Needs and Budget

Based in Denver, Colorado, CP Cyber Security is a full-service, Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP). We’re a local business with nationwide reach, helping organizations across the United States secure their IT environments with leading edge solutions and detail-driven managed cybersecurity services.

We focus on identifying risks and vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure, so that the most impactful security technologies can be deployed to maximum effect. To the right is a summarized version of our service portfolio

Vulnerability Assessments & Cyber Risk Planning

Find and understand the risks and vulnerabilities across your IT environment, that cyber threats can exploit to disrupt your business. Our thorough vulnerability assessment process provides your business with a full map of your vulnerabilities, enabling your business to address them to minimize its cyber risks while empowering its compliance efforts.

Our penetration testing services mimic the attack pathways and strategies used by real-world hackers to test your business's resilience against sophisticated cyber threats. Our certified ethical hackers are among the best in the business, combining over 4 decades of penetration testing experience.

A cyber breach incident can bring a business to its knees and cause lasting reputational, financial and legal damage. Our breach recovery services offer a rapid response solution to businesses that have experienced a breach, helping your business to restore its data and systems, find the root-cause of the breach, and secure your cyber security posture against future threats.

Our consulting services give you access to our team's deep expertise and insights for empowering your business's compliance and cyber security posture in a way that works for your business. We can help your business to create a cyber risk management strategy and help you to develop and implement a roadmap for shoring up the cyber security of your business and empowering its compliance using people, process and technology.

Data Protection Compliance is a fact-of-life for most American businesses. We can help you to devise a compliance strategy that ties in the cyber security best practices, to ensure your business meets its compliance objectives. From NIST and ISO 27001, to CMMC, HIPAA and GDPR, our compliance services ensure that your IT environment is able to monitor, assure and demonstrate compliance with more ease and simplicity.

Our expertise-driven Security Operations Centre and Security Information & Event Management solution enables your business to establish a powerful 24/7 cyber security centre for your business. Your SOC & SIEM solution will be comprised of our cyber security experts and powerful tools for finding, preventing and responding to unusual patterns and security events quickly and effectively, all in real time. Ensuring your business can address potential threats rapidly, deeply and effectively before they can cause any harm or disruption.

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Our approach to empowering your business

Empowering SMBs with Secure, Stable IT that Supports Their Strategic Ambitions

Peace of Mind

Our cybersecurity services focus on addressing threats at source, providing multi-layered, risk-appropriate controls to address key vulnerabilities wherever they present in your environment.

Our proactive, fastidious and systematic approach to cybersecurity allows you to focus on running your business, safe in the knowledge that every effort is being made to manage cyber risks effectively.

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Conquer Compliance with CP Cyber

Conquer Compliance

A rigorous approach to data protection is both a customer expectation and in many instances, a legal requirement.

Our compliance-led approach to cybersecurity ensures your policies, practices, and threat mitigation measures work together in perfect unison. We can conduct compliance audits which identify gaps in your compliance framework. Then, leveraging our strategic insights, we can prescribe cost-appropriate solutions to elevate your security posture to the mandated standards.

AI-Powered Protection

We leverage AI-powered security tools that offer next-generation threat monitoring and remediation capabilities. Enjoy advanced threat protection that analyzes security event data across your digital environment, and take swift, decisive action to thwart intruders before they can inflict harm.

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Deliver Value, Secure Your Success

Partnering with CP Cyber is an investment in the growth and future success of your business. Our commercially-astute approach to cybersecurity ensures you benefit from cost-appropriate, tailored solutions and services that complement the structures, workflows and operational objectives of your business.

Deliver value for stakeholders, safeguard your reputation, and grow your business to be secure in the knowledge that your cybersecurity partner is invested in your success.

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