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The Top 9 Penetration Testing Companies in Denver: Your Complete Guide

Penetration Testing Companies in Denver

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Penetration Testing Companies in Denver

There can be no overstatement regarding the importance of cybersecurity in today’s digitally interconnected world, with cybercrime alone now costing the global economy $10.5 trillion annually as of 2023.

Penetration testing companies serve as your front line defense for protecting your critical information and systems from cyber threats. Today, we’re zoning in on Denver, a hub of tech innovation.

We’ll be focusing on the top penetration testing companies in Denver , delving into their expertise, services, and track record in ensuring robust cybersecurity. Let’s take a closer look.

Denver’s Best Penetration Testing Companies 

Did you know that over 46% of all cyber breaches are aimed at companies with less than 1000 employees? According to the Globe and Mail , small businesses are at great risk. This is where the importance of penetration testing comes in.

A penetration test, often referred to as a pen test, is a simulated cyber attack against your computer system, designed to evaluate its security and identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best local penetration testing companies in Denver.


1. CP Cyber (Cornerstone Partners)

Penetration Testing Companies in Denver

In a world of escalating cybersecurity threats, CP Cyber stands as a beacon of robust and effective defense solutions. This Denver-based MSSP specializes in penetration testing, ensuring the safety of your organization’s digital assets with meticulous, comprehensive, and nuanced security assessments.

CP Cyber employs a team of seasoned experts who use a mix of cutting-edge automated tools and manual techniques to simulate a variety of cyber attacks, thereby identifying potential vulnerabilities in your systems.

Among the different types of penetration tests CP Cyber offers are:

  • Network penetration testing
  • Web application penetration testing
  • Physical penetration testing
  • Wireless penetration testing
  • Social engineering penetration testing
  • And more


Learn more about how we can help safeguard your business as an MSSP: check out these additional resources:


2. Leaftech Consulting

top penetration testing companies in Denver

LeafTech, a top-tier cybersecurity firm located in Denver, offers highly specialized penetration testing services and a skilled team of professionals.

In business since 2007, they provide a multitude of penetration testing services, they describe themselves as “partners who know your business and goals, understands how you work, and perform to find new and innovative solutions for you to succeed.”


3. Security Pursuit

Security Pursuit, located in the heart of Denver, stands as a trusted name in the realm of cybersecurity. They’ve made a name for themselves with their specialty in penetration testing in their 10 years of business.

Their team, teeming with certified ethical hackers, is always up to speed with the latest techniques in the field. The core mission of Security Pursuit? It’s straightforward yet paramount – to pinpoint potential security loopholes and offer intelligent, practical solutions to fortify your cybersecurity infrastructure. It’s all about empowering you, the client, with a stronger defense against cyber threats.


4. Dirsec

Dirsec is a Denver-based cybersecurity company that provides penetration testing services among a wide array of other IT security offerings. They employ a suite of advanced techniques to exploit and identify vulnerabilities in clients’ systems.

With a keen focus on cyber threat evolution, Dirsec is renowned for its ability to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring their clients’ security frameworks can withstand the ever-evolving threat landscape.


5. Iconic IT

Iconic IT is a distinguished IT service provider nestled in the vibrant tech hub of Denver. Utilizing systematic methodologies, they meticulously unearth vulnerabilities in systems, networks, and applications, and then design solutions to rectify these concerns.

Iconic IT isn’t just another name in the industry – they’re a partner in securing your digital future.


6. Greystone Technology

Greystone Technology is a local Denver IT firm providing an extensive range of services. Among these, penetration testing has emerged as a key strength. Greystone employs the practice of ethical hacking, a disciplined approach that allows them to reveal potential vulnerabilities in client systems.

But what Greystone offers goes beyond just the identification of security risks. Their mission is twofold: first, to enlighten their clients about potential threats they might be facing, and second, to propose proactive, innovative solutions to enhance not only security but also productivity.

In essence, Greystone Technology isn’t just fixing problems; they’re empowering businesses to move forward with confidence in their digital environments.


7. Elevate Services Group

Elevate Services Group is a Denver-based IT firm with a sterling reputation for providing comprehensive cybersecurity services, penetration testing being among them. Their primary aim? It’s to unearth vulnerabilities within their clients’ IT infrastructures, and work diligently to mitigate any looming threats.

Their team, composed of seasoned experts, harnesses the power of cutting-edge tools and ethical hacking methodologies. In doing so, they paint a vivid, detailed picture of clients’ security landscapes, equipping them with knowledge to make informed decisions.


8. GadellNet

GadellNet, found at, is a managed services provider with offices in Denver. Besides its range of IT support services, GadellNet offers comprehensive penetration testing services.

Their team uses advanced tools and techniques to expose potential vulnerabilities in IT systems, helping businesses identify areas of concern and prioritize security enhancements. GadellNet’s commitment to responsive, reliable, and strategic IT solutions makes it a top choice for businesses in Denver.


9. TeamLogic IT

TeamLogic IT, available at, is an IT solutions company in Denver that provides comprehensive penetration testing among its services. By simulating cyber attacks, TeamLogic IT identifies potential vulnerabilities in client’s systems, applications, and networks.

Their aim is to help clients understand their risk levels and provide them with strategies and solutions for managing and mitigating these risks. TeamLogic IT’s focus on client partnerships and strategic support sets them apart.

Safeguard Your Digital Assets with Penetration Testing From a Trusted MSSP

CP Cyber distinguishes itself as a penetration testing firm in Denver through a dedicated team of professionals who are constantly evolving with the fast-paced world of technology.

Our team comprises industry-certified professionals including veterans from the US Armed Forces, individuals who have previously served in the NSA and FBI, IT auditors with experience in the Big 4 accounting firms, and contractors who have worked with the Federal Government.

We place an emphasis on clear, transparent communication, ensuring clients understand their cybersecurity risks and the necessary steps to mitigate them. Choosing CP Cyber implies opting for a proactive, detail-oriented partner in cybersecurity.

Contact us now to learn more about how we can help !



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