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Safe Password Checker Overview

How weak are your users’ passwords?

We can help protect you against the usage of weak passwords and bad password hygiene in a safe and secure way.

How Our Password Security Checker Works

  • Our secure password checker compares your users’ passwords to approximately 300 billion password hashes to password lists commonly used by attackers.
  • The password test easily identifies which accounts have weak passwords, as well as other password hygiene issues (duplicate passwords, passwords that don’t expire, etc.).
  • We identify the weak passwords and send you a report of the users who need to update their account with a more secure password.
  • CPCyber protects all transmissions of data with two layers of encryption making our tool the most secure password checker.
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I fell victim to a somewhat sophisticated cyberattack and called CP Cyber for help. I’m very glad I did, because within one business day they had made an initial assessment of the situation, picked up my computer for detailed analysis at their office, identified and neutralized the threat, and returned the computer to me, completely cured, for a reasonable price. I was very impressed with the service I received from CP Cyber — these folks are real pros!

Daniel Kagan

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I bother having my company’s passwords checked?

According to a 2019 Verizon Data Breach report, 81% of hacking related breaches were tied to stolen or weak passwords. This means weak passwords are one the biggest risks to your company’s security. By ensuring your users have strong passwords, you can stop many attackers in their tracks.

You are asking me to share passwords with you? Does that not break the number one rule of keeping passwords secret?

In our testing, we are only able to see the passwords that we can crack; the weak passwords. These are the same passwords that will be discovered by an attacker. It is much better to allow us, the good guys, to identify any weak passwords before the attackers do.

How often should I have my passwords checked?

Since weak passwords serve as one of the biggest threats to a company’s security, we recommend quarterly checks. The process is secure, automated, and simple.

What results will I get from having my company’s passwords checked?

We will give you a list of accounts with weak or easily guessed passwords, accounts that use the same passwords, and we will point out areas that the password policy could be stronger to meet industry best practices. Once you receive the report,  we can work with your IT team to educate the users with weak passwords, then set their passwords to be changed on the next logon.

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