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What information about you is available to the public?
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Open Source Intelligence Gathering Overview

Do you know what information is out there about your company, you, and your executives?

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) refers to publicly available information that can be obtained by anyone with decent research skills and a web browser. Most people feel they have their information in a secured place on their network but do not realize their own website or easily accessible network is inadvertently revealing sensitive and potentially harmful information.

We put our open source research skills to use and find places where data has been leaked to better protect your personal AND business reputation.

Some areas where your data may inadvertently be made public:

  • Metadata from documents on public facing websites can reveal network information, authors of the document, and a myriad of other types of information which can result in sensitive data becoming publicly available.

  • Employees inadvertently hosting company documents on unauthorized systems (home FTP server, cloud service with weak passwords, etc).

  • Vendors hosting contracts or other sensitive data that is not secure can leak trade secrets or private business deals.

open source intelligence gathering

CPCyber has been great to work with, they know what they’re doing, and now I have the peace of mind to run my business without worry.

Jon Rottier

CEO, ID Metrics

Frequently Asked Questions

I can google my own company, why would I pay for Open Source Intelligence Gathering?

Using google is the first step in our Open Source Intelligence Gathering service. We employ numerous techniques that allow us to dig deeper just like an attacker would. For example, one of our tools finds sites your company is hosting that google doesn’t even know about.

Is Open Source Intelligence Gathering intrusive?

No. A big difference between Open Source Intelligence Gathering and a penetration test is that a penetration test will execute attacks to try and gain additional access. Open Source Intelligence gathering on the other hand only uses information already available to the public.

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