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A Technological Approach to Stopping the Effects of Being Phished
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PhishDefy Overview

PhishDefy protects where antivirus and employee training let you down. According to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, Phishing is the number one threat action in breaches. PhishDefy is an anti-hacking app and an alternative technological solution to costly employee training programs that combat this ongoing malware and e-mail phishing epidemic. PhishDefy protects from zero-day malware and viruses while reducing or eliminating training costs. PhishDefy offers a layered approach of protection that targets the method of attacks that are seen in most breaches.

In 2019, Social Engineering accounted for 80% of reported incidents.

-2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report

To protect your environment, PhishDefy:

  • Blocks specific and threatening traffic at the Exchange Server
  • Prevents specific file types from running
  • Blocks .exe files from running in known popular malware locations
  • Sets up alerts for Encrypted emails
  • Prepends encrypted emails with a “Suspicious Email:…” Subject Line
  • Provides Companies with a dashboard to view metrics on employee malicious click patterns
  • Proprietary technology solution that reduces end user risk up to 95%
anti hacking app PhishDefy
email security app PhishDefy

Email Antivirus, Why is it not effective in email security?

Antivirus scans your computer programs and files and compares them to known types of malware or viruses. Heuristic detection of scanning for unknown email viruses based on suspicious behavior is not perfect. On average, antivirus blocks 39% of attacks using these two methods of detection.

Anti-Virus, on average, only blocks 39% of attacks.

Employee Cybersecurity Training, Why is it not effective?

  • Volume of emails is too much for employees to remain diligent
  • Training requires employees to consider all the variables in a phishing attack and to use their own judgement
  • Can you trust the judgement of your employees when they’re not cyber security experts?

1 in 5 employees respond to phishing emails. After scenario-based training, 35% continue to click

anti hacking protection PhishDefy

We’ve been working with CP Cyber for the past year and we’ve been exceptionally impressed with their service and speed. If you’re in the market for network/system security, this is your team.

Reid Hansen

Frequently Asked Questions

What operating systems is PhishDefy compatible with?

PhishDefy is compatible with Windows and Microsoft Exchange. Unfortunately, the way Apple and Gmail are configured makes them incompatible.

I have a small company; do I still need to worry about Phishing?

Yes. All companies big or small can become a target for a Phishing attack. Especially if you are growing fast, the last thing you want to halt your growth is to become victim to a Phishing attack.

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