Cyber Security Education and Training

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Cyber Security Education and Training Overview

Cyber Security Education and Training Overview

Technology is rapidly changing which creates new opportunities for malicious actors (hackers) to take advantage of uninformed employees. Our team’s combined knowledge makes us a perfect solution to educating your employees on ongoing cybersecurity best practices and risks.

Cybersecurity Training

The majority of cybersecurity incidents (company’s data or network is compromised) is caused by an employee or user clicking on a link or allowing a service to run (often by clicking on a malicious email link). The cybersecurity training we provide educates your employees on industry best practices to reduce the risk of a cybersecurity incidents. Often times we follow-up our training with a phishing exercise that provides the company a general idea of how users will click on links even after training. Not only does this phishing exercise provide you with tangible results, it serves as a wake-up call for users that may not take cybersecurity seriously.

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Advanced Email Protection Service – PhishDefy

Combat human error with PhishDefy – an alternative technological solution to costly employee training programs that combat the ongoing malware and e-mail phishing epidemic. 
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Fast, responsive, and extremely good quality of work. It was really a pleasure working with Bill and his team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How in-depth is the training? Is it multiple sessions?

We pride ourselves in our ability to customize training sessions to meet your companies needs. If you have an hour time slot in a annual employee meeting, we can give a good training overview. If you were just breached and want some serious training, we can give multiple in depth sessions to fully train your employees. In addition to group-based training, we offer training to individual employees via our online phishing and training platform that focusing the training on specific phishing scenarios.

I already tell my employees to watch out for bad emails, how will this be different?

That is great news you are already promoting email awareness, however if your employees are not heading your advice it might be time for us to step in. We can conduct training sessions where we simulate an attack and display the passwords, we gathered at the next training session. We have found that an employee seeing their password up on screen makes much more of an impact than just telling them to be careful. Other real world attack scenarios are available based on the needs of our clients and the risk that their employees may face.

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