Breach Response

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cybersecurity data breach

Breach Response Overview

We can send a team of trained data recovery and breach response specialists to your office in Denver or the surrounding area to help you better understand the attack and how it happened. Every circumstance is different, so our team will advise the client of the best plan for recovery. Our team will then work alongside the existing IT workforce or lead the recovery process. Since our team has seen a wide variety of breach scenarios, we can customize our pre-existing response plans to bring your business back to being operational.

We make recovery easy

We make recovery easy. We can be at your office within the hour of a phone call; we have had clients fully recovered in hours. Once we understand the needs and priorities of our client, we can perform the recovery with minimal interaction and downtime.

data breach cyber security
cyber security data breach

We are available to help

We are available to help. While the team is on site, and anytime afterwards, we are available to assist you with your IT needs. For long term support, we also offer outsourced cybersecurity support to monitor, secure, and protect your company’s data and IT systems. Throughout the recovery process, we provide recommendations and cybersecurity solutions to help secure your company from future attacks. These recommendations are based on our experience of implementing best practice solutions in the most cost-effective way for our clients.

Evidence Collection

If evidence collection is required, we will collect data in a forensically sound state for future analysis. We provide the imaged data to our clients via external hard drives or the data can be hosted securely on the cloud. Chain of custody and other forensic standards are maintained during the evidence collection phase.

cybersecurity breach response

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can you respond?

For any incidents that cause outages or business downtime, we are usually able to re-task several of our employees who specialize in breach response to your needs. If you are located in Denver or the surrounding area, our team can usually be at your offices within an hour.

If my data has been locked by ransomware can it be recovered?

Usually, the only way to recover data without paying is to restore from a backup. We can assist you in that process. If you choose to pay the ransomware, we can assist you through that process and the resulting data “unencrypting” process afterward as well.

How long does it take until my company can be fully recovered?

We have performed a full recovery of a small office in 3 hours. Every environment is different, such as cloud hosted data or on site servers, but we can scale our team of specialists to meet the needs of our clients and size of the incident.

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