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How weak are your users’ passwords?

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We can help protect you against the usage of weak passwords and bad password hygiene in a safe and secure way.


  • Our tool compares your passwords to approximately 300 billion password hashes to known password lists commonly used by attackers.

  • Additionally, our service easily identifies which accounts have weak passwords as well as other password hygiene issues (duplicate passwords, passwords that don’t expire, etc.).

  • We identify the weak passwords and send you a report of the users who need to change their password.

  • All transmissions of data are protected with two layers of encryption.

How do we compare against the rest?

Password ListWeak Passwords Identified*
Logo CP Cyber Data protection and security solutions Denver Colorado300 Billion60%
11.5 Million4%
11.5 Million1%
Password Checking Competitor ManageEngine100 Thousand<1%

*Percentages based on a sample of clients

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