Managed Security Services

We employ a platform consisting of technology and support that defends endpoints and users against attacks (executables, file less, browser, scripts, etc.) at every stage in the threat lifecycle. We provide a combination of best-of-breed technologies and unprecedented support to meet your IT and Cybersecurity needs.

Donald Mclaughlin Lead Cybersecurity Consultant CP Cyber security technology strategy Denver Colorado
A note from the Expert …

While a managed security service provider (MSSP) can support companies with common outsourced IT tasks such as level 1 helpdesk, it is difficult to find an outsourced IT company that can truly address your security needs.


Cyber Security Network Penetration Testing

With AI based malware prevention, application and script control, memory protection, device policy enforcement, root cause analysis, threat hunting, automated threat detection and response, coupled with expert security services, Cylance can protect endpoints without increasing staff workload or costs.

Identification — Uses AI, not signatures, to identify and block known and unknown malware from running on endpoints.

Prevention — Reduce risk by blocking known and unknown malware before they breach endpoints.

Detection — Lightweight agent monitors all activity and applies machine learning to dynamically detect the most advanced attacks, including file less exploits, zero-day vulnerabilities, and sophisticated malware.

Remediation — Boost response by containing threats and reversing system and file modifications. The most robust mitigation and remediation functionality, with support for kill, quarantine, remove from network, and even rollback.

Forensics — 360-degree, real time view of attacks from inception to termination.


Endpoint Agent (P9)

Single, Holistic Agent — Lightweight and high-performance. PC, Mac, Linux, VDI. We have you covered.

  • Phishing Defense (PhishDefy)
  • Email, VPN, & Availability Monitoring
  • Network Management
  • Vulnerability and Patch Management
  • User Behavior Management
  • Asset and Compliance Management

Endpoint coverage —Track network computers, servers, and virtual machines to gain access to more detailed information.

Peripherals — Automatically track all peripherals (Printers, NAS, UPS, etc.) as assets to proactively resolve issues real time.

Monitor Software, Hardware, & Users — Save money by tracking unused licensed software and automatically update software asset management inventory. Easily generate hardware, software, and user activity into reports.

Internal and External Network Monitoring &Traffic Analysis — View your network traffic (VPN, SMTP, SNMP, DNS, etc.) visually to better understand usage and flow. Monitor your websites and servers from multiple locations on the Internet.

Network Maps — Get an updated, interactive map that allows you to dive deep into your network and manage it with the greatest of ease.

Automation – Deployment of missing patches to remediate vulnerabilities efficiently via the client. We can support multiple operating systems and applications (Microsoft, Adobe, Mozilla, Java Runtime, etc.)


Outsourced Security Operation Center

Our team can monitor your pre-existing security solutions, including Cisco Firepower, Cisco UCS, LogRythm Splunk, and Ubiquiti security devices. From these feeds, we will determine legitimate indictors of compromise and work with your IT team to follow an incident response plan.


Configuration, Optimization, and monitoring of security and SIEM solutions

Our specialists will configure and optimize these solutions for your environment. Our support would include an initial review and assessment of the current configuration. If required, we will optimize and configure your security solution to best fit your organization’s needs. From our optimization, your organization will receive less false positives, more legitimate indicators of compromise.