Managed SOC Services

Respond to threats smarter, faster, and more strategically with our Managed Security Operation Center service also known as a Managed SOC.

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Automate Your Digital Defenses With Our Managed SOC Services

Unmask suspicious activity, improve incident response, and tighten your cyber security with our managed SOC solutions.

Why choose CP Cyber for Managed SOC ?

  • Integration with most technology stacks.
  • Live threat hunting by experienced pen testers.
  • Gain real-time insight and visibility across your entire IT environment with a cloud-based managed SOC solution.
  • Proven security services and solutions with over 45 years of experience protecting technology and people.
  • Satisfy compliance requirements with a managed SOC solution that meets and exceeds what is needed from HIPAA, CMMC, PCI-DSS and other standards.
  • Ensure all network events are detected with 2 distinct SOC teams working in tandem to provide valuable redundancy
  • Reduce cybersecurity costs with monthly subscriptions that scale with your data protection needs.


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What Denver Businesses Say About Our Managed SOC Solutions

“Bill, Brian, Donnie and the team have been exceptional partners in helping us develop a full cyber security approach for our growing company. Over the last two years, they have provided protection and support with their cybersecurity consulting and MSSP services. Their unique SOC as a Service product (combining two Security Operation Centers) and expertise is well appreciated and hard to find in the Denver market place.”

Deren Koldewyn

The team at CP Cyber provided us with a right-sized yet thorough Cyber Security Audit. They were professional, courteous and flexible and took the time to explain issues in layman’s terms. They are delightful and true pros in their field. I would recommend them to everyone. They did a great job for us.


Office Manager

Our organization engaged CP Cyber for a penetration testing and social engineering assessment. I was very impressed by the expertise, thoroughness, and professionalism demonstrated throughout the process. The results and deliverables were far superior in quality and depth than other cybersecurity providers we had worked with in the past. Overall, we were verify satisfied with the experience and will be working with them again in the future.

Eric Peters

Senior Cloud Engineer

“We were in a dire situation when our IT system administrator left with short notice. Thankfully, Cornerstone devoted immediately the resources that we needed to get us through the crisis. Of course, Murphy’s Law struck and we encountered a wide range of additional significant IT issues. We were amazed at the depth and breadth of Cornerstone’s expertise and experience and their ability resolve the issues in an extremely timely basis. All the while they were the epitome of professionalism. I would highly recommend Cornerstone.”

Barry Levine


“We’ve been working with CP Cyber for the past year and we’ve been exceptionally impressed with their service and speed. If you’re in the market for network/system security, this is your team.”

Reid Hansen

Business Manager

“I fell victim to a somewhat sophisticated cyberattack and called CP Cyber for help. I’m very glad I did, because within one business day they had made an initial assessment of the situation, picked up my computer for detailed analysis at their office, identified and neutralized the threat, and returned the computer to me, completely cured, for a reasonable price. I was very impressed with the service I received from CP Cyber — these folks are real pros!”

Daniel Kagan


“Fast, responsive, and extremely good quality of work. It was really a pleasure working with Bill and his team.”

Johnathan Maske


“Bill and his team at CP Cyber were prompt, professional, and most of all courteous. Bill’s prior life working in a public accounting firm lent itself well for him to know the demands of our industry. They met with our firm’s leadership team and explained all of the results of their penetration test and vulnerability scan. They explained everything in “non-technical” terms and it really hit home. We are very happy with CP Cyber and would recommend them to any company looking for a great partner in shoring up technical security. We will be working with them again.”

M Pitt

Compliance Officer

“We were so lucky to have found Cornerstone. They were quick to respond and were extremely efficient. They helped us figure out our IT issues that no one else could. Thank you so much Donny and team!”

Keri Farmelo

Office Manager

“Cornerstone to the rescue! They stepped in and really helped us get through a difficult situation. The people we’ve worked with at Cornerstone have been thorough, knowledgeable, resourceful and seem to possess unlimited expertise. They have been beyond professional at all times. tl;dr – They know their stuff—highly recommended!”

Kerry Hill

IT Manager

What You Gain With Our SOC Managed Service

Managed SOC as a Service

In today’s digital landscape, cyber threats are continually evolving. Without proper protection, your business can suffer increased cyber attacks – or worse – a data breach.

Among the core advantages that businesses gain with our managed SOC-as-a-Service include:

  • Continual technical and security adjustments in configuration to ensure detection while avoiding false positives
  • Ongoing firewall monitoring, alerting, and event log management
  • Endpoint and network device agents aggregating information to a cloud-based managed SOC
  • Microsoft 365 and Azure blindspot protection and security consultation
  • 24/7/365 managed detection and response (MDR) services

Proactive Multi-Layered Risk Mitigation

At CP Cyber, our security analysts understand the value that risk management plays in the overall cybersecurity posture of your company. We utilize our penetration testing expertise to know the current threat landscape and to stay on top of the latest threats and newest zero days. This results in real time and relative protection for your company.

By implementing a 24/7 security operations center (SOC) staffed with cybersecurity experts with military intel backgrounds, we detect more than what our tools alert on. We use red-team experience to search for the early-warning signs of a compromise or malicious actor, such as a disgruntled employee. We search for trends and other early indicators of compromise to help business proactively protect their operations with:

  • Crypto mining detection
  • Detection of early indicators of compromise
  • Password spraying and brute force attack detection
  • Early notification of compromised accounts
  • And more

Microsoft 365 & Azure AD Security Monitoring

Email and cloud-based systems create the largest security gaps for businesses.

We provide around the clock security monitoring for Microsoft Office 365, Azure AD, and O365 accounts to provide visibility into the following blindspots:

  • Changes to security and other settings
  • Excess user privileges being granted
  • Rule forwarding additions
  • Configurations that would allow persistent unauthorized access
  • Suspicious logins
  • Indicators of business email compromise (BEC)

Additionally, our managed SOC solution provides increased visibility, identifies anomalous behaviors, and indicates potential security threats in real-time.

Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance is challenging.

As one of the leading SOC managed service providers, we help businesses master how they detect and respond to cyber security threats.

Our SOC as a service provider experience helps us ensure that you are protected 24/7. Your business can improve focus on the other compliance requirements knowing that our services will cover the business year after year with the type detection and response needed by compliance standards with our Managed SOC. Our clients are often required to comply with compliance standards such as:

  • NIST
  • SOC II
  • PCI standards
  • CMMC
  • FTC
  • Sarbanes Oxley 404
  • CIS control framework
  • ISO (27000, 27001, 27002, 27003, 27004, 27005)
  • Cybersecurity Insurance Compliance

What Sets Our Managed Security Services for SOC Apart


Distinct SOC teams to ensure detection of events

45+ Years

Combined experience in pen testing, IT controls, and security


SOC managed security services

Elevate Your Security Posture With Managed SOC Solutions

Prevent negative impacts to your business with our proactive managed SOC services.

Managed SOC

The Unique Value of our Two-SOC Approach

At CP Cyber, our two-SOC solution all but guarantees that nothing slips past our digital nets, giving you greater peace of mind that your data is protected.

Through our managed two-SOC solution, we can provide:

  • Two 24/7 security event monitoring, management, and escalation platforms.
  • Combine the best of both SOC platforms to provide optimal security.
  • Continuous monitoring and real-time detection
  • Active detection, blocking, and investigation of Indicators Of Compromise
  • Monitor, investigate, and hunt malicious activity
  • 12-month log retention for historical analysis and detection
  • QRF (Quick Reaction Force) standing by to help with incident response

Strengthen your digital defenses for the foreseeable future with our comprehensive security defense today.

SOC managed services

Ramp Up Data Protection and Business Focus With Our 24/7 Managed SOC Services

Managed SOC services help businesses improve security posturing, maintain a proactive risk management strategy, and neutralize threats before negative impacts can occur.

Through real-time threat intelligence and our managed SOC solutions, your business can identify and remediate issues that jeopardize your security, productivity, and uptime.

With our managed SOC, you gain:

Personalized SOC Services

Our managed SOC services are fully customizable to the needs, goals, and budget of your business.

Our optional purpose-built threat detection modules can be deployed in moments, while our SOC analysts help you maintain alignment with your growth plans.

24/7/365 Managed SOC Monitoring

Rest assured knowing that our SOC managed services keep your infrastructure, data, and business safe throughout all hours – no matter the risk at hand.

Managed SOC Services

Seamless Integration with our No Hardware Capability

At CP Cyber, we know the importance of having flexible technology for remote workforces.

Our No Hardware approach allows teams to continue using whatever tech stack they have set up and still benefit from our consulting services. This helps to ensure that your work won’t be hindered by having to get accustomed to new hardware or software.

We focus on providing very valuable general flexibility that can easily be implemented into a pre-existing workspace setup.